The Drama Club

Join Michel Nassar for the 1st drama therapy and acting workshop at The Junction every Sunday from 7pm to 10pm!

Workshop description:
This workshop offers an overview to acting as an art and as a self-development medium through a developing acting workshop.

The objective of this workshop is to introduce the participants to the dramatic art as a way of life, as for the acting workshop, the participants will pass through phases of practicing to mastering the acting art through psychological development, mastering the physical skills, and above all developing and stimulating sense of creativity

Requirements: Workshop to be held once every week for 4 hours in a duration of 3 months, that will end by a group production according to the dynamic of the group - Phones and food are prohibited as per respect to the workshop - Talent isn’t required. - Passion, hard work, discipline are a must

About the Instructor:
Michel is a performing arts graduate from the Lebanese University in Beirut (2002). Since then he has continuously worked on developing a system to help others discover their acting skills as well as improve their characters. In 2005 he founded a drama club for the Lebanese International University (LIU) in Beirut, yet the club wasn’t just for people who wanted to be actors, it was for people who want to learn more about themselves and others. He has worked on creating a comfortable space for them to discover themselves and work on their self-development, while improving their physical and psychological capabilities. Then while working on building the inner character, using drama therapy and the acting system, psychological and technical methods were slowly introduced in guiding the students on evolving from subjective to objective acting with time and training. Over the course of seven years, the drama workshop had received more than a 100 students and have created two plays and one short film, currently in post-production.

Drama Club sessions are held every Sunday for the next 3 months.

The charges for the sessions are Dh 600 per month (ie. 4 sessions). To register or for more information, contact The Junction on