This summer, we invite you to join us for a series of Chef's table experiences by INKED’s Executive Chef Hadrien Villedieu and his Sous-Chef Dima Hamati.

You will get front row seats to share the thrill of creating, cooking, and tasting! Seated in a long marble counter in front of the Chefs and their kitchen, you will be able to watch your dinner being prepared from start to finish, while the Chefs explain the process and the produce. The Chefs have worked together on different (and contrasting) themes to render the dinners a personalised experience; one especially designed for the meat lovers, taking you through a journey around different meats, and the other, a very unique and creative vegan fine dining experience. You just have to pick the day that suits your taste the most...

A gastronomic visionary with strong techniques but a true artist at heart, Executive Chef Hadrien Villedieu is designing indelible dining experiences at INKED with a cuisine that is modern, generous, playful and poetic. He has a passion for all kinds of meats and will be sharing his favourite cuts!

After working under the helm of innovative Chefs including Dan Barber and Sang Hoon Degeimbre, INKED’s Sous-Chef Dima Hamati has developed a culinary style of her own. Always experimenting with seasonal produce, she marries modernist techniques with creative ways of celebrating the ingredients' tastes, textures, and colors. She has a knack for plant-based cuisine, and creates vegan dishes that are so flavourful and nuanced that even omnivores are jealous! Our two Chefs complement each other like a hand in glove, and you can definitely taste the harmony in their styles. You will be enjoying your very own 7-course menu, which both highlights their individual visions and showcases their complementary approach to cooking.

There is no minimum booking required - you can come alone or with a party of up to 6 guests. Either way, you will certainly have a unique dining moment.


The Meat Experience will run from August 4th to the 7th; It is priced at AED 425* per person and includes a 7-course journey around meats menu.

The Vegan Experience will run from August 15th to the 18th; It is priced at 375* per person and includes a 7-course vegan fine dining menu.

* All prices are inclusive of mocktails, soft beverages, tea & coffee

** All prices are inclusive of VAT

For more details contact or call us on +971- 50 845 1359