Thaier Helal | Beneath the Rubble

Beneath the Rubble, a continuation of his extensive series Landmarks, highlights Syrian born artist Thaier Helal’s latest experiments in abstraction. As his creative observation deepens within these structural mixed media works, the artist also makes reference to the tragic changes happening within his native country. This leads him to pose radical questions as he addresses a myriad of subjects concerning our existence, meaning and the current state of bitterness that drains our mind and soul. Helal’s expressionistic patterns and vigorously built up canvases are marked by ruggedness and harmony. He takes on a process of trial and error until he reaches a unique visual manifestation of his individual perception of beauty.

The dominant use of white within these works allows the artist to feel a sense of peace, tranquility, and meditation, while in other works the use of black and grey evoke a feeling of death and pain experienced by his nation. Meanwhile, the dense, reoccurring, vertical and horizontal lines in his work offer a comparison to the newly flattened horizon and the remains of destruction: ruin and rubble. One layer at a time, using great care and deliberation, the artist is able to transform his materials into more than just conceptual works. His distinctly abstract and vigorously build up canvases convey the possibility of rebirth and regeneration. The artist’s continuous experiments reflect his relationship with nature, leading him to reenact the physical processes of rock formations: erosion, deposition and propagation. Unity and harmony of nature’s spirit are also reflected in this exhibition, thus reminding the viewer that light can indeed evolve from the obscurity of rubble.