Summer programme | Foretold Now


From food trends and financial forecasting, to predicting election results and end-of-the-world scenarios, we have never been more consumed with trying to know what the future holds. Rather than trying to grasp what this future is, Foretold Now examines what drives us to predict in the first place. Of course, the age-old image of the soothsayer has given way to algorithm-powered, high-precision tools. But the desire to speculate seems to be a human constant. What drives this need to prophesy, and what is the fallout of our need to foresee? What are the dangers of speculation, not just economically, but emotionally and mentally? How does our perceived image of future outcomes place unreasonable demands on the present? And in spite of all our clamouring to forecast everything from the weather to the apocalypse—rooted perhaps in a (misguided?) will to control our destinies—to what degree is the future itself 'over-hyped’? Our summer programme will feature debate, music, and dialogue, and runs every Saturday over the summer starting 27 July.


Foretold Now is curated by Kevin Jones.


Date | 27 July – 14 September 2019

Location | Alserkal Avenue