QUINT-ESSENCE- A dinner experience

A private dinner with strangers
Five Chefs - Five Elements
One seating, One menu, One time

QUINT-ESSENCE is an exciting collaboration and dinner experience created with the minds of 5 Chefs and that explores the symbolism of the 5th element, or formally, quintessence; the ultimate substance that is intrinsically related to the four elements of air, fire, water and earth.

INKED’s Executive Chef Hadrien Villedieu, Sous Chef Dima Hamati and ANDES Head Chefs Sebastian Jimenez and Salvador Chavez and Pastry Head Chef Alejandra Gutierrez have worked together and merged their culinary styles to bring emotions to the table. Playing with perception and provoking curiosity, the  8-course dinner menu will be presented in different moments that reference the four elements.

Food is concealed beneath unusual edible surfaces – evoking natural elements in their particular qualities (i.e. hot, dry, cold and wet) and transformed into a palate of textures and flavors.

Fertile grounds
Braised lamb barbacoa & buckwheat root, warm chickpeas foam, dried mushrooms atomizer  

Baby lettuce, Cesar dressing heart, chicken skin & black olives soil

Under the sea
Smoked & cured seabass ceviche, burnt scallop, vegetables & dall relish, fish scales, labneh dressing   

On the shore 
Fried soft-shell crab, infused galangal & ginger jelly, coconut foam, sea fennel, cucumber flower, water cress,onion & garlic breadcrumbs, light Thai bouillon   

Charcoal forest  
Confit duck, foie gras & lentil charcoal ball, celeriac, black garlic & vanilla compote, white chocolate & black olives tuile   

Log fire 
Slow cooked ribeye, foie gras, fermented mushrooms & onions ashes, charcoaled tapioca, potato log, burnt reduced jus  

On top of the iceberg
Pomelos, grapefruit, orange, lime & lemon granita

It ends where it begins
Elderflower infused apples, masala crumble, rosemary sponge cake, darkchocolate nest, Tonka bean ice cream

The 10 hands dinner will take place from 28-31 July, and there will be one seating each evening for 40 guests.
The experience is priced at AED 425 (inclusive of VAT) per person and includes an 8-course menu and soft beverages.
Doors will open at 8PM and dinner will start at 8:30PM sharp.
A vegetarian menu will be available upon request. 

Due to the particularities of the event we cannot cater to any food allergies or intolerances.

NOTE:  If you are coming as a group and would like to be seated together, please inform us in advance.