Performance | The Zoo Story by Edward Albee

What’s life like when you have a great job, a wife, two daughters, a big house, two cats and two parakeets?

Maybe life is better explored through someone who has two empty picture frames, a few clothes, a hot plate, a can opener, a knife, two forks, and two spoons, one small, one large; three plates, a cup, a saucer, a drinking glass, eight or nine books, an old Western Union typewriter that prints nothing but capital letters, and a small strong-box without a lock which has in it…rocks!

The Zoo Story is a conversation between two such men in Central Park, New York that promises to leave you bemused, yet replete with meaning of your own. A perfect spiritual exercise!


Catch a performance of "The Zoo Story" at The Yard

Dates | April 25th, 26th and 27th

Time | 8.30PM

Location | The Yard, AlSerkal Avenue

Check out the trailer here: