Pop-up exhibition: LOCAL INDUSTRIES x TURBO

Local Industries and Turbo are looking to explore a “fruitful” unforeseen collaboration in which spontaneity, first and foremost, is the base for the intuitive experimentations that you see today. The exhibition is above all an attempt to seize the elementary process of making as a main vector of design.

Local Industries (LI), founded by Elias and Yousef Anastas, is a Palestine based-network of people producing furniture. LI gathers artisans, makers, architects, engineers, and designers, putting together a transversal non-hierarchical process of work. This endeavor aims to reassert the value of local Palestinian labor without freezing it in a traditional and obsolete role or mindlessly imposing alien standards to its method of work.

Local Industries & Turbo share common values that go beyond design and graphics and have been working together for the past three years.

It started in 2016, when Turbo turned its space into a Local Industries showroom for three months. Since then, Turbo has been producing poster artwork and imagery for LI. The general attitude and approach to design is what kindled this working relation and kept it going, and for quite a while, a more hands-on collaboration has been in the cards. 

Turbo, founded by Saeed Abu-Jaber and Mothanna Hussein is a graphic design and visual arts studio based in Amman Jordan.