id-od and other dimensions...

'ID' and 'OD' as besotted in the title, are technical engineering terms, reflecting Sunil Gawde's clear fascination and fondness for the accurate mapping of things. He dwells on the girth of bulbs, to the symbol of the diameter '∅' as constituting the largest plane in a sphere that cuts through its very core. This incisiveness attributed is the outlook he'd like to bear and unveil he reckons, in the recounting of the tales he tells.

The idea of challenging reality and our perception of it has been a constant theme in Sunil Gawde’s work. 'What happens when we see and don’t just look?' is a question that Gawde tries to answer in this body of work.

‘Id-od’ is a term that is frequently used by engineers. As Gawde has been working on kinetic sculptures that require very detailed and precise engineering for over a decade, this term wasn’t alien to him. It stands for Inner Dimension and Outer Dimension. Since the artist's thoughts often revolve around perception vs reality, magic vs logic, inside vs outside, the term ’Id-od’ made him feel immediately at home. It was like finding a synonym for an idea that has consumed his mind and work for most of his life.

This body of work consists of a series of visual haikus which aim to challenge our ideas and beliefs of perception and reality. Gawde urges the viewers to meet him halfway by trying to figure out the layers of deception in the artworks, all he asks is ‘see, don’t just look…what you think you see, might not be what is’.