Farhad Moshiri

The Third Line is pleased to present Close-up, Farhad Moshiri’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery. Following the artist’s first US-based museum solo, which was held at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh last year, Farhad returns to the UAE with a new body of hand embroidered works. 

Close-up includes new works produced in 2018, as well as two portraits from 2014 that have never been shown before. All of them employ Farhad’s signature technique of hand- embroidering beads to form reproductions of photographs. The imagery moves between the real and the imagined, and much of the style of working continues to provide a critical commentary on the East-West dichotomy, which is ever present in the artist’s practice. The exhibition includes several works that reference western popular culture rendered in the time- consuming tradition of Iranian craftsmanship, providing a humorous but poignant juxtaposition on the fastness and slowness of time.

Special to this show is the addition of new works that, for the first time, use Farhad’s own photographs as subject matter. These can be found in the monochromatic First Snow series which illustrate Farhad’s photos of a heavily snowed-in landscape outside of his studio in Lavasan, a city near Tehran. This change in image sourcing marks a subtle shift in the way the artist employs visual vocabulary in his work, blurring the lines of representation from the two different worlds – those from his photographs, and those existing in the found images.