Collection Focus 02: Alif Beh

Exhibition opening: 5.30PM - 6.30PM - followed by a 'meet the artist' tour at 6.30PM 

Alif Beh is a prime example of Hazem El-Mestikawy’s capacity to transform everyday materials, such as cardboard, recycled paper and glue, into solid, complex works that reference science, maths and physics. The intricate process, which has become El Mestikawy’s signature, enables him explore the duality between the positive and the negative, lightness and heaviness, and light and shadow. This 60-piece work is a study in form, and is drawn from a reduction in geometric forms and letters to create two distinct perspectives: the cityscape and the mashrabiya. The work is accompanied by a set of drawings, also made 2006-2009, that act in part as a study for the installation. The exhibition is part of the Collection Focus series at the Project Space featuring single works from the Jameel Art Collection.