Christian Bonnefoi: Double Take

  • VENUE: Jean-Paul Najar Foundation
  • START: 11:00 AM
  • END: 06:00 PM
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A long-time friend and protégé of Najar, Bonnefoi's exhibition at JPNF will include some of the earliest paintings made by the artist at the start of his career in the 1970s and demonstrate his evolution and growth over the decades. For the first time, the 'diagramme', a complex organisational chart of his works will be displayed scientifically illustrating the evolution of his practice as he travels through time revisiting series of work.

In the early years, Bonnefoi was interested in the response to American art, abstract expressionism and minimalism.  He was as equally interested in painterly practice as in theoretical reflection. It is from then that he defined what was to become his method one that he follows to this day: to accompany each pictorial period by publications on the conceptual process and the history of art. 

Christian Bonnefoi: Double Take is curated by Sylvie Turpin and runs until end of February 2017. It is accompanied by a comprehensive public and education program, core to JPNF's mission to engage the community.