Chasing The Light by Mike Arnold

  • VENUE: Showcase Gallery Unit 35, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
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In a new artistic chapter, Mike Arnold portrays the intimate characteristics of the structures that define the metropolitan landscape of the UAE. His painted compositions depict multiple views of architectural forms that engage the eye of the viewer, just as they inspired the eye of the artist. In this body of work Arnold pays homage to the urban environment around him and is able to fuse his career-long architectural expertise with the experiential filter of his artistic input. Chasing The Light combines Arnold’s first passion of painting with the memories of a man who participated and contributed, like many modern nomads, towards building the cities of the future that characterise the Gulf. Through his selection of subjects and his focus on reflective light, Arnold succeeds in highlighting the soul of his chosen structures as well as telling the stories of many human beings whose lives are reflected inside them. The body of work also captures a moment in time within an ever changing skyline in which architecture itself is dynamic and constantly evolving. Ultimately, the transformation the UAE’s cityscape becomes a metaphor for the artist’s personal transformation as well as the never-ending journey of the artist.