CHARMED / Khalid Mezaina

  • VENUE: thejamjar Unit H74, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, P.O. Box 27554 Dubai,
  • START: 10:00 AM
  • END: 07:00 PM
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Through OCCUPY, thejamjar proudly exhibits in its front window a series of artists through the year. thejamjar uses its well-established position as an institution for the arts, as well as its location within one of the most important art hubs in Dubai, to feature and support the work of artists, giving them a public platform to showcase their work. Every few months we put out a callout or invite an artist to ‘occupy’ our window with their artwork.


About the selected artist and his work:

Khalid Mezaina entered the art world through diverse project work in graphic design for some of UAE’s important art institutions, including the Sharjah Art Foundation and Tashkeel, Dubai. His work draws from the fabric of Emirati culture focusing on its architecture, subcultures and communities. His artworks are primarily illustration based; yet extend into the realms of printmaking, surface design, installations and low brow publishing. Khalid’s artwork has been featured in regional and international exhibitions. He is currently pursuing his final year of MFA in Textiles, at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). 

Artist Statement: I have recently been fascinated with charms and talismanic objects people use to shun away bad mojo and to bring good luck. These charms, usually hung above the entrance doors of a particular space, give an indication of religious backgrounds and beliefs. For OCCUPY, I created a window display on the notion of installing charmed visuals at the entranceways of occupied spaces. The final display includes a mythical three-headed, neutered street cat (inspired by the feline community found around Al Quoz). It represents a personal interpretation of shunning away bad luck and giving protection to an art space, i.e. thejamjar.