Artists Residency / "Bootstraps" by Loom Ensemble

OPEN TO GENERAL PUBLIC / Dates: - Weekday evenings: 6-10pm. - 3x per week, for the first three weeks of April. / Cost: 850 AED – (scholarships available) / About Loom Ensemble Loom is an interdisciplinary performance company based in Dubai and New York City, weaving together in equal parts dance, music and theater. / About Bootstraps workshop The ensemble rehearsal process will take place in the form of a month-long intensive “Dance Theater Workshop.” Loom creates “devised theater," meaning performers are a part of the creation of the show itself. Participants will learn text, choreography, and music created by the New York ensemble. They will also be guided through the process of creating their own character, spoken lines, movement and evensong, to be included in the performances! The show already has an outline, and has been developed around a collection of questions, but the final performance will be shaped by what the participants bring to the table as artists!